Get in touch

  1. You can book a meeting with me on TidyCal. 🟢
  2. I have a Twitter account: @hungrybluedev. Send me a DM and I’ll try to reply within a week. 🟡
  3. I am on Discord and I lurk around in the V Language Server. My username is @hungrybluedev#1000. 🟡
  4. You can send me an email at subhomoy[at]hungrybluedev[period]in. I’ll try my best to reply within two weeks. 🟠

The recommended way to contact me is through a booking on TidyCal. You can get a guaranteed reply at the very least along with a one-on-one meeting.

If all of these ways do not seem appealing to you, you can use my contact form. Please note that it will take some time for me to get back to you. 🟠

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  1. 🟢 - Guaranteed reply within 2 business days.
  2. 🟡 - I’ll try to reply within a week.
  3. 🟠 - I might take anywhere from a few weeks to a month to reply.